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Monday, August 29, 2005

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Rome such a great success. A fuller report will be posted later in the week.

Thanks especially to our hosts, particularly for agreeing to move the date of the event at such short notice. I think that everyone agrees that the setting was spectacular. it is very difficult to think of a better site for an authentic Roman orgy, well one that would not be filled with tourists anyway.

Several people have asked if they could buy various pieces of the set. in particular people seem to like the couches. The good news here is that the couches were made in my workshop, since we needed quite a few I planned to use jigs from the start. So we can make as many as people want, particularly if people promise to lend them for our next event. The less there is to store the better - I still live in hope of emptying the squash court and having a game there some day...

We do need the costumes back, we have promised to lend them to a school for their sixth form production of Julius Ceasar.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Boing Boing: Amazon.com sells sub-$0.99 sex toys now

Boing Boing: Amazon.com sells sub-$0.99 sex toys now

Is that what they call penetration pricing?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sodom and Gomorrah told in Lego

Rejoice ye, for the Web has brought you the tale of Sodom and Gomorrah told in Lego. And most of the rest of the book.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Philosophy in the Bedroom

So you have probably been wondering what we were doing building a pillory last week. The answer is that some good friends that have helped us out in the past had asked to make use of the hall for a 'party' at the weekend. When they described the nature of the party I offered to build a few props for them ACS style (i.e. completely over the top).

We did not fully complete the pillory but we had it fully functional and assembled. I had to make a couple of spare head boards as Helen was busy carving the final ones. There is more carving to be done on the frame but it looks fine in white wood. I ran the edges through the router table with a roundover bit and sanded them down to avoid splinters etc.

At the end of the weekend my guests presented me with a fine antique of one of their favourite pieces of work, Philosophy in the Bedroom by the Marquis de Sade. This prompted me to find an English translation on the Web.

As always with de Sade there is more than a little wishful thinking on his part. The basic plot is that three libertines plot the seduction of the pious fifteen year old daughter of a libertine friend. But there never really is any seduction. The girl arrives, listens to a quick lecture on the evils of religion says 'how clever and true your words are' and then begs to be allowed to do whatever the libertines ask of her.

Given the reputation the work has I am somewhat disappointed. It fails as pornography and it fails as philosophy. de Sade has no intention of having any of his characters seriously challenge his views. On the other hand in the years before Stopes and co I suspect that more than a few young people got their sex education from the play. Thats the moral majority for you, supress all the balanced sex ed and the kids have nobody to find out from except de Sade.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Updown Court

It is with great pride and satisfaction that we bring you a broken link.

Or at least the link was broken earlier today when I was trying to visit it. So what is so great about a broken link? Well the site is meant to be selling the worlds most expensive private residence, updown court built at a cost of $60 million, the developer is asking $70 million and can't even run a Web site.

This place has five swimming pools (why?) a heated drive (what is the point don't they have ground staff?) and looks like it was designed by a Barrett Homes architect in his spare time. The BBC has an article with a photo.

The place is being sold as being designed for the billionaire set rather than mere millionaires. The developer recons that there are 600 known billionaires and 600 unknown ones. I think he is going to find that billionaires are much less interested in conspicuous consumption than he imagines, anonymous billionaires probably want to remain anonymous. Anyone who buys the place is going to be known the minute they throw their first party, and if you don't throw parties there is no real point in a 22 bedroom house.

People who do have $70 million to spend on a house are most likely to want to have it designed to their own specifications. The house was sold to Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia in 2001 but he has since become king and is unlikely to be very interested in buying the place back again in the current political climate. It is hard to think of many other billionaires that are as wedded to conspicuous consumption who are likely want a principal residence of that size in London.

Ultimately the place will end up as a not very convenient hotel.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Pillory Part II

Went off to the wood shop. English Oak is expensive! After some discussion we decided to use American Oak and stain it. The look is similar but its about a third the price.

The design we built has three turned posts in a line. The head stocks fit into slots in the upper (flat) part of the post. The position of the head stocks is adjustable by means of pegs that fit through the upper and lower halves of the head board.

We have started out with extra thick stock so that we can dress the piece up with carvings later. At the moment it looks kind of chunky. To be strictly authentic we should turn the columns into spirals. I don't know if I am quite up to that.

The basic joinery is not at all complex, not least because we want to be able to take everything apart for storage. Its basically bolts together but the bolt holes are covered by fake through tenons. It only took a few hours to fit together.

We did a trial run with one prisoner (Helen). Her first comment was that once you are in you really know that you are stuck. Also the field of view is much more severely restricted than you might expect since it is imposible to raise your head and turning it does not do much.

Another thing we quickly discovered is that it is quite difficult undressing a prisoner once they are locked in since most clothes have to go over the arms. We have to think about this when designing costumes.

We played for about 20 minutes until Helen complained of starting to get stiff. It would definitely be no fun being in the thing all day. Helen is very fair skinned which has given me the idea that we should stain the piece jet black in the manner of old Tudor furniture.

Helen is working on some art work to be carved into the head boards. These are the only pieces that provide much scope for anything beyond a geometric pattern.


We are having some disagreement over the best way to design a pillory. One school of thought is to go for ye olde Englishe rustic look. The other is to build it as fine furniture.

The basic design that we are looking at is for a double pillory (the standing up version). The design should prevent the inmates seeing behind them and be adjustable so that the head and hands can be set at the exact height desired.

Flavia would like people to know about her new Isabella piercing

In case you want to know where an Isabella goes take a look at this gallery.

Her description of the process: "Ow! Ow! Owwww!" (she also had her nipples pierced).

story of o - Google Print

In the midst of our German detour I almost forgot about the original reason for the visit to France. After several visits to properties and rather a lot of lawyers. We have secured a long term lease on a small château for a relatively modest sum.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Confession time!

We got up somewhat late. Over breakfast Bert called his wife to tell her what he had been up to as required under their rules. Even though a window girl had been explicitly sanctioned in advance by email she had not sanctioned five.

It was not possible to go into details while sitting in the breakfast room of the Kranskopolski. This is an elaborate Victorian affair with cast iron pillars. I was quite enjoying listen to Bert's attempts to tell his wife what he had been up to without telling the other diners.

Fortunately the conversation was somewhat more relaxed than it might have been. Bert told her that we plan to drive north to the Colosseum up near the Danish border.

It is just as well that we did since she called back just as we had joined the motorway. The Colosseum club isn't up near the Danish border, its down in the south near Munich! We turned round and headed south while Bert tried to get the sat nav to behave. The problem is that there are two Augsburgs.

With the phone on speaker we gave Bert's wife a fuller account of our activities and she gave an account of hers; reading the 6th installment of Harry Potter. She sounds like a good sport but she did warn Bert that she has a date with someone she described as her 'fuck buddy' tonight.

Munich is the other end of Germany so we were planning on a long drive. Then 200 miles in I get an email from 'wifey' suggesting a place in the Frankfurt area instead. This is X-Treff, which specializes in the 'all you can eat' group sex orgy. Entrance 150Eu.

Candy Club

The session with Kimberly was entirely satisfactory. There was no problem with the hotel. She arrived in a sexy but discrete outfit. We said hello and she asked to use the bathroom. I had previously left her fee in an envelope with her name on it next to the sink.

She came out wearing a different outfit and did a strip, rubbing herself against us, removing ties, shirts, shoes. Soon we were all lying naked together on the bed, stroking her. Despite the fact that this was our fourth session of the day both of us were soon standing to attention. Bert went first taking her in missionary and I followed.

Afterwards we went to the Candy Club. This is a swingers club of sorts. Since this was a Friday night the place was pretty busy. The door fee is 25Eu for single men, single women are always free, couples are free some nights and get extra drinks included on other nights.

The club rule is 'anything goes'. Couples can (and do) fuck in public. Most of the single women are prostitutes and they will come up to you and ask 'Do you want to fuck'. If you do the prices are similar to those of the Kamer girls.

There are three alcoves 'covered' with a curtain. The place was so full though that most of the alcoves had multiple couples using them throughout the night. Most of the customers just sit as if there is nothing going on while there are people fucking a few feet away. One of the swinging women wore a short miniskirt and no panties. Her partner kept lifting her skirt so the whole room could see her. After a while they retreated to one of the alcoves to fuck and pointedly left the curtain open so everyone could see.

Bert and I both watched for a while. We started to chat with one of the swing couples. They didn't come here very often, it was more a venue for exhibitionism than picking up couples. Then to prove themselves wrong they hooked up with another couple and retreated to an alcove.

I found a Romainian lass who was fun, efficient and 50Eu all in. Afterwards one of the swing women came over and we kissed for a while. She asked me to go down on her which was great. Afterwards she tried to give me a blow job but the well was finally dry.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Road Trip Continued, Amsterdam RLD

Bert and I continued our European road trip with a visit to the Amsterdam Red Light District last night.

The show at the Cassa Rosso lived up to expectations. As usual the place was pretty full. There were approximately six acts plus the special 'banana' act which I won't describe as it would spoil the suprise. Unlike the other show I have been to at the Moulin Rouge in Amsterdam the delay between acts was minimal.

Four of the acts were basically a girl doing a striptease. It was well done and professionally choreographed. One girl did some cunt tricks involving a candle etc. There was a girl/girl act which didn't look particularly special and a boy/girl act where they clearly were having fun.

There used to be another good review across the street but the Cassa Rosso bought it out. They also bought out the museum of sex up the street.

Afterwards we took a stroll and did some window shopping. After our visit to PHG earlier in the day we were both pretty satiated. But a visit Amsderdam is never complete without a visit to a window girl so we decided to stay an extra night.

We got up early this morning, had breakfast at a local cafe and walked around site-seeing. The RLD does not really get going until mid afternoon and earlier in the day it can be practically deserted. Once it gets hopping in the early evening however the girls are much more rushed.

I was planning to wait till later but we passed a Kamer with a sexy nymph with blonde hair wearing a pair of cut of jeans and a come hither look that caused my loins to stir. It is important to negotiate carefuly in the RLD. We agreed a price for 30 minutes of completely naked full sex and I climbed the steep stairs up to her room.

The RLD is really set up for fast food type service with no frils. You are expected to undress and spring straight into action which we did. The experience is not so much sex as rutting. Afterwards she told me she is from Utrecht and this was her first week on the game as she had only turned 18 two months ago.
She is saving the money for college.

When I got out I met Bert in a local coffee shop as arranged. He had walked a few doors down and found a girl who turned out to be rather less obliging and provided only an average experience. On the other hand I paid quite a bit more.

We took lunch then caught a bus out to a privehaus, Park 118 which was a much more satisfactory experience. here you pay 40Eu to the house and 35Eu to the girl. This is more than the 50Eu you pay in the RLD but its like getting full restaurant service rather than fast food. The real difference is that the house has a reputation to maintain while the window girls know that there will always be another tourist.

Afterwards we walked back to the hotel doing some site seeing on the way. Bert wanted to do another window girl but I pursuaded him we should visit Love Club 21 instead. This is a Thai massage parlor off the main RLD strip with sex included in the price. The massage was excellent rather than a prefunctory prelude to the sex. The girl put the same effort and attention into both and afterwards helped me shower.

The RLD was beginning to become busy but it was time for dinner. We went to a fondue restaurant behind the palace. July is not fondue weather but I like fondue.

Over dinner Bert told me that yesterday had been his first visit to a brothel or paid for sex. It appears that I have corrupted him. He would like to visit some places he could take his wife. They have an open marriage deal which kicks in if either of them is 200 miles from the other. His wife is a lawyer and noting that he travels more than she does worded the deal so that she can party at home when he is away.

Strictly speaking he could take his wife to all of the places we have been. The PHG even has a separate telephone number and presumably a discrete entrance for female guests. About a quarter of the audience at the Cassa Rosso was female.

I suggested that we visit the Candy club but it only opens at 9pm and the main action starts much later. A better introduction for his wife would be to have an escort meet them in their hotel room.

We returned to the hotel and surfed the web for recommendations. We decided to go for a 2-guy threesome. I called an agency and put the phone on speaker so Bert could listen in. The girl on the other end spoke excellent English and assured us that there would be no problem with our hotel. Several girls did 2 guy threesomes but not all did three guy threesomes and couples threesomes which is what we wanted so that Bert could ask for the same girl if she is working next time he returns. After some negotiation we agreed on a girl called Kimberly who will should arrive in about 5 minutes.

Excellent timing, she is here!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Planet Happy Garden

We just left PHG and we are back in the Jag on our way to Amsterdam.

The German FKK clubs like PHG are very different from the sordid back street affairs in the UK or US. The reception area is like the reception area of a hotel.

The receptionist was very friendly and spoke English which saved me having to translate for Bert. First she explained the prices, "There is a 50 Eu entrance fee and a flat rate 50 Eu fee for each 30 minute session with a girl. This includes oral sex with a condom and full sex." Bert's jaw almost drops when she says this in her matter of fact. "An extra 30 minutes costs an additional 25 Eu, if you require anal sex you must ask the girl before you go to the room and pay extra" Bert must have seemed uncertain as the receptionist repeats the last comment, this time touching the front and rear of a life sized statue of a (clothed) 1950s cheescake model in the reception area to clarify the point. Bert laughs and replies "yes I understand".

The receptionist shows us to the changing rooms. She hands each of us a bath robe, and a locker key on a wrist band and tells us to undress. We take a shower in the open co-ed shower area (another girl came and showered with us) then head to the lounge dressed in our white bath robes.

The lounge has many customers and girls. In a true FKK club the girls are completely nude (FKK is German for nudist). PHG is not an FKK club so the girls are scantily clad rather than completely naked. But there are many of the (15 at least) and it gets busier in the evening shift.

We have plenty of time so we sit and relax over a beer and make small talk with some of the girls. There are girls from Turkey, Thailand, Italy, Brazil and of course Germany. Most of them are really georgeous, some merely pretty and only a small number are plain. I choose a blond German girl with a dragon tatoo on her shoulder called Sammy. Bert picks another German girl called Sandy, brown hair with a blonde streak.

Sammy leads me to the room, leaves me for a short while and returns wearing a robe. She faces me and lets the robe fall to the floor, wow! What a body! We begin slowly with stroking and kissing. She gives me a blow job then orders me to mount her doggy style, she is very enthusiastic and very noisy. At her request we change positions several times. She asks if I would like anal and I eagerly accept. She is tight and I come quickly but Sammy is not finished with me, she tells me to go down on her. I oblige and soon she is comming in what appears to be an unfaked orgasm. She guides my hand to her ass and I press my thumb into her butt hole as she comes causing her to shout even louder. By this time I am stiff and take her a second time. She smiles as I slide inside her. This time we are slower and less rushed.

Afterwards I try to find Bert but he isn't anywhere to be seen. When he finaly reappears fifteen minutes later he is saying goodbye to a different girl. Looks like I need to catch up here.

We take a sauna in the indoor sauna. This has large glass windows so everyone can see what is going on inside. After fifteen minutes we shower, get a drink and repeat. This time we are joined by Sammy and Sandy. Sammy speaks excellent English and pursades us that we should party with each other's girl.

Sandy was excellent but I am still recovering from Sammy and we only have a short party. She is from Poland and like Sammy speaks good English and is a screamer. This time we were in one of the 'Bavarian' cabins in the grounds so everyone walking past could hear. Fortunately this did not seem to bother her.

I return to the lounge and I am not suprised to find that Bert and Sammy are still busy. By now it is getting late and the club is filling up. There are something like 25 girls on duty and 30 men. Determined to even the score I quickly hook up with a Turkish girl.

When I meet Bert in the bar I ask him why we are planning to leave this place to watch othe people perform in a sex. He answers that its because thats all we are capable of after an hour each with Sammy.

We left the club sometime before 8pm and have just made it to the hotel.

Road trip report

I am blogging this from the road while Bert drives.

We left Paris early this morning (well early for me!). My concierge service got us rooms at the Kranskopolski which is the only place to stay in Amsterdam.

Going direct with no stops we would be almost at the hotel by now. Instead we had lunch at a very nice restaurant just outside Luxembourg.

The plan is to make a stop at the
Planet Happy Garden on the way. Spend three or four hours there, then drive the remaining 100 miles or so to Amsterdam after the rush hour has cleared.

The PHG is the type of place that really shows the difference between 'decriminalization' and 'legalization'. In the UK even the largest parlors never have more than 6 girls. In Germany there are several clubs with 20, 30 or more girls working each night. The other big difference is in the quality of the furnishings. Even the 'upscale' UK parlors are pretty dingy, like a cheap seaside B&B. Thin towels and nylon sheets. The PHG is fitted out like an upscale business class hotel.

The difference is more than just cosmetic. It is just so much nicer to visit a place where someone is conspicously taking care of it and wants to make it a place that you want to stay for a while.

Its like the difference between my Jag and a Lada. Both with get you from A to B in more or less the same time. A leather and wood interior does not make the car go any faster or hold any more. But it does make the trip a lot more pleasant.

Stage Discussion

OK, our attempts to find erotic entertainment were abandonded. Since we could not locate any of the places recommended on the net we went off to sample a few wines instead and worked on our stage design.

We agreed that the starting point should be a circular stage 6' across with the ability to rotate at an appropriate speed (not too fast) with a load of approximately 500lb (i.e. two or three people). We did some calculation and decided to start with a welded metal frame rotating about a central axis supported by wheels or ball bearings at the rim.

At least part of the stage should be transparent to allow it to be lit from beneath, to allow mounting of cameras for filming the on stage action and to allow for embeded video screens so that the people on stage can see the same view the audience is seeing.

Some other features we would like to incorporate include an air vent so that we can re-create the Maralyn Monroe skirt in hot air vent effect from Some like it Hot. This would be coupled with an overhead air vent so the model holds up a piece of clothing and it gets sucked up and away.

We would also like to have some means of mounting a pole for pole dancing. The stage should be capable of being locked in a fixed position to allow use of features such as the dancing pole.

We would also like to go for an overall Japanese type theme. We rejected the idea of making the whole top transparent for reasons of cost and practicality.

The rest of the stage would be made up of 3/4" plywood frames bolted together. The main support braces would be in dadoed and screwed together using screw hardware designed for several assembly/knockdown cycles (we used this extensively in the Rome set). We then add cushions to the benches to make the seating a bit more comfortable.

The lighting rig is supported by a bamboo space frame and we make the display screens from rice paper.

Off to Amsterdam tomorrow by way of certain establishments in Germany.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Either we got the address wrong or the Loving Chair is now a chic upscale bar. So retiring to an Internet cafe for research. If that doesn't work the fallback plan is to drive off to Amsterdam tommorow morning.

I visited the place a few years ago, I am not suprised it is gone. The sex show was a pleasant evening's entertainment but sadly the audiences did not do justice to the spectacle. At 55 Eu it was not expensive, but not cheap either. The venue was a 'theatre in the round' with a stage about 6 ft across. There were three girls who each did a striptease and then engaged in various degrees of intimate contact with the audience. One allowed me to stroke her pussy. The house speciality was audience insertion of a dildo which was great fun. Then there was a boy/girl act where the boy came and the girl was clearly wet.

Nostalgia is not what it used to be. Now that we have Rome built but on hold it is probably time to start thinking of the next event. We have done re-enactments, how about a future? Does a sex show have to be as tacky and sordid as they always are?

We could build a theatre in the round with a circular stage. Pehaps make the stage with a glass floor so that it can be lit and filmed from underneath. It would not take a great deal to make the stage revolve, captive ball bearing track for instance.

There would be monitors set up so that the audience could see close ups of the on stage action. A 6' stage would have a circumference of 40' which is enough to seat 16-20 people. Two rows of seating and one standing would be easily enough for 50-60 people. We could use the set for more than one event. We could rent most to the lighting rig we don't have already.

We could go for a high tech techno-look (black leather, chrome, plasma displays) or alternatively go for a themed approach such as a Japanese theme like the Honban manaita shows described in Pink Samurai. This might be cheaper to pull off well since we can use wood for much of the set and instead of expensive plasma screens, project onto a rice paper screen. Main problem here would be finding a designer who could pull it off.

Sex Shows

I am currently visiting Paris with an American friend. Tonight we plan to visit some of the shows in the Pigalle. He was reluctant to do this at first because ten years earlier he had visited a 'show' on the Rue St Denis which charged a $20 entry fee and the only girl 'performing' was pretty ugly and would only dance if she was paid the equivalent of $30 first.

He then visited another club where he watched a so-so show and was presented with a bill of $250 for 'drinks' he had never ordered. He complained to the police but they refused to do anything.

Today the police are somewhat more concerned about protecting tourists from rip off artists but the Rue St Dennis is still wall to wall rip-offs according to all the web reviews I have found.

Blvd Chichy is much safer, as a rule of thumb however avoid any venue that has touts! The Loving Chair (Loving Flesh) has good reviews and we will try to find it. I am trying to remember the name of the show I visited ten years ago, Love Theatre? Can't find it on the web, it has probably been gone for years.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Weekend not a complete wash out

The sudden postponement of the Rome event left me unexpectedly free this weekend. Fortunately the bulk of our suppliers are the sort who understand that the weekend after a major terrorist outrage is not the time to be holding historically authentic re-enactments of Roman orgies.

However our plans are merely postponed, not cancelled. The owner of the venue cannot lend it to us for the next few weeks due to a wedding that is planned. However we have another date penciled in and so far almost all of the suppliers and entertainers for the first event have said they can support the new date.

It was therefore something of a surprise when two young ladies, Abbey and Dannielle showed up at the venue after we had finished dismantling and boxing the set. Fortunately we had cancelled before we had unpacked most of it. At first we thought that the message had not reached them. Then they said that they had been told, they just came over to cheer us all up!

By this time there were four of us left, myself, Sextus, the property owner and his wife (who can't be identified yet for obvious reasons). The girls helped us get the last cartons loaded onto the rental truck. As soon as we were done they started their show.

They began with a kiss, but you could tell by the way they looked at each other that it wasn't just a show, they genuinely like and love each other. Within a few minutes they appear unaware that they are standing in the middle of a garden and are being watched by four people.

The girls undress each other, they could hardly be more different. Abbey is short with blonde hair, a girl next door type. But as she is undressed she reveals tattoos on her right shoulder and left thigh. Her nipples and navel are pierced, her cunny completely shaved. Dannielle is tall, leggy with jet black hair. A thick but neatly trimmed triangle marks her pubis.

The girls make love to each other while the rest of us watch from our garden chairs. It is always a real treat to watch two people who clearly genuinely love each other make love honestly and without affectation. Occasionally the girls appear to remember that they are meant to be putting on a show and pause to make a display of their partner's sex but a few seconds later they are back at it and the sex is once again buried under their tongue.

Afterwards they persuaded the owner's wife to join them. This was a surprise to me because I didn't know she was bi, afterwards it turned out that neither did she! At any rate she enjoyed herself. Afterwards Sextus and I enjoyed her together in a spit roast as her partner partied with her two friends. The girls then decided that it was Sextus's turn for their attention while we had some double penetration fun with the owner's wife, another new experience for her.

After a short rest the girls declared that it was my turn. Abbey gave me a blow job while Dannielle let me lick her cunny. Abbey straddled me and rode me reverse cowgirl while I fingered Dannielle's cunny and ass.

It doesn't get much better than that!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Rome postponed

For obvious reasons we have decided to postpone the Rome event.

Members will be releived to know that it appears that all our London based members are safe.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Bottomless tennis

Despite the late start to planning, the panty-less tennis tournament was a great success. In the end it turned out that we had a shortage of male players since most of the men were commons to watch rather than play. After some persuasion partners were found for all eight ladies who entered.

Afterwards at the ladies insistence the men played a game of nude water polo in the pool. My apologies for the temperature, I am in the process of replacing the heating system with a heat pump based unit. The idea is to direct the waste heat from the air conditioning into the pool in summer. In winter when we need to heat both the pool and the hall the heat will be pumped out from recirculation loops that will be laid underneath the croquet lawn. All of which answers I hope the question of why it is necessary to dig trenches 1m deep to lay a croquet lawn!

In the evening we threw some burgers and steaks on the BBQ. The inevitable nocturnal pleasures continued late into the night.

Friday, July 01, 2005


So far ringing round eight men and three women have signed up, we are going to need some more women to make this an interesting event...

We have two courts at the hall, both clay. I think they were installed when the place was a hotel but they might date from the school phase. There is also a squash court but its still full of the junk we stripped out during the renovation. Most of it is just junk, some of it is important.

As for the questions from the women as to why they don't get to see the men: some of the trees had to come down after a storm last winter and the courts are visible from the churchyard. We are far enough away to get away with panty-less tennis but nude would create too much conversation in the village.

Given the time available I suggest that matches consist of a single set.

Who needs Wimbledon?

BBC SPORT | Tennis | Men's singles draw

Looks like this will be yet another year when the men's final consists of nothing but power serves and any point in which the server hits the ball after the serve is considered a long rally.

Time for an alternative tennis chapionship this sunday: mixed doubles, the women wear no panties.

Venue: the hall, drop me a line if you want to attend. I will provide strawberries, cream, champagne etc.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bukkake Party?

One of the suggestions that is regularly made is for some form of bukkake party. In the past these proposals have tended to die once someone asks the question 'where would the creativity be?'

Once people start to propose ways of introducing creativity what began as a bukkake party turns into something else, usually an orgy with a Japanese motif. If the bukkake remains in the final program at all it is a sideshow that could easily be omitted without anyone noticing.

This time I have received a suggestion with a significant difference: it comes from a prospective member applying to join as a proposal for her audition.

Her plan is that she would be picked up from a public place, taken to a minivan which is driven around while the bukkake takes place in the back. The idea is to use one of those executive style mini vans that has large windows with one way glass so the party-goers can see out but nobody can see in.

Of course we would have to make sure that the one way glass really did work in that environment.

Alley Catting Anyone?

A member asked me to post a report of an "alley-catting" event he attended and described to me over the phone. He only suggested posting afterwards so I did nit take notes, this is from memory:

The event was held at an upscale house in North Oxford. On the way there I almost broke the rear axle of my car when I missed the signs warning about the speedbumps. [In the city of the dreaming spires they do not like the screaming tires... - Ed.]

The basic premise of alley catting is that it is a way for a woman to get herself pregnant without strings by having unprotected sex with several men. The woman does not know the father with certainty and the father does not know that they are the father with certainty.

This particular soiree was for strictly recreational rather than procreational purposes. The company consisted of eight men and four women: a hostess, two 'kittens' and the 'cat'. The dress code was white tie, something that it is only possible to get away with in Oxford without attracting undue attention. The women wore ball gowns.

The evening began with Krug champagne and canapés as the male guests arrived. Each of the women had invited two guests. Even though everyone was assured in advance that the 'cat' was on the pill and that condoms would be used the women were required to choose one guest for looks and the other for brains. I had been invited to the event by the hostess who some of you may remember as 'Alice' from last years summer event. [Red hair, mid 40's, tall, wore thigh boots - Ed.]

The room was large, it had originally been separate dinning and drawing rooms but these had been combined into one. At one end of the room the dinning table was laid out with 12 place cards. At the other end there was a fireplace surrounded by a semi-circle of chairs and sofas.

Once all the male guests had arrived the 'kittens' put on a floor show, striptease followed by 'audience participation': rubbing their bodies up against us, removing jackets, untying ties [hope nobody wore a clip-on! - Ed.] stroking chests, unzipping flys to reveal a stiff member that would be pressed against willing lips. The kittens were about the same age as the cat: mid twenties. One wore a navel ring.

As the kittens removed each piece of clothing it was handed to the hostess who carefully folded it and placed it on guest's chair at the dinning table. Once every guest had surrendered at least their jacket and tie, some considerably more the kittens led the cat into the center of the semi-circle and began to strip her.

Once the cat was completely naked one kitten began kissing her, teasing her nipples slowly. As I watched them rolling around the floor, the kitten lapping at the cat's slit I felt someone removing my shoes and socks. At this point I realized that both the men to my right were completely naked and the second kitten was removing my trousers.

A few minutes later I received a similar start as the hostess placed a rubber over my errect member. She used the trick of applying the condom with her mouth. A few seconds later I found myself pulled to my feet as the cat came loudly. I was to be first.

The kittens placed the cat on her hands and knees and I entered her doggy fasion. One of the kittens whispered in my ear as I fucked, 'take her, she wants you, take her, take her now, listen to her, she wants you to come inside her, faster harder, don't stop, take her, take her quickly then take me, fuck her'. Soon I was spurting copious amounts of seed deep inside her. As soon as I withdraw the next man takes my place, and the next. I notice that the cat has her eyes tight shut throughout the process opening them only for an instant as she comes to a second and third orgasm.

None of the couplings takes long, the entire process takes less than an hour from start to finish. The last guest arrived sometime after 7, it is not yet 8. The kittens help the cat to her feet and we applaud her. She hugs and thanks each guest. I begin to wonder if the evening is over, it would be a shame to have to end such an evening at Venus down on the Marston Road.

Fortunately our hosts have other plans: a second bottle of Krug is opened and we are led to the dining table. Our clothes have been neatly arranged on hangers and hung from the picture rail. We sit down and eat a meal that is light by Oxford standards, oysters followed by seafood pasta. The conversation naturally revolves around sex.

We take desert arround the fire, a tray of petit-fours. The kittens took turns placing a petit-fours on various parts of their anatomy and invite a guest to eat it. This inevitably led to sex, this time in the type of positions that are only possible in group sex situations; spit roast, airtight seal etc.

So when is the association going to have an event of this sort? [Soon - Ed.]

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The bovine issue

Returning to our main project: Rome, our vetinary expert has provided the necessary information on whether we can legally follow Roman tradition and slaughter the animal for the feast on site.

It appears that this is entirely practical, although there are many regulations that control the production of meat for sale on the open market the only regulations that apply to production for private consumption are the general prohibition of cruelty to animals. Fortunately Roman practices were remarkably close to present day slaughter, first the animal was stunned, then its throat cut and the blood drained.

That said an adult bull is one heck of a big animal to eat at one sitting, even with the number we expect for the event. We are looking into finding something a bit smaller such as a calf.

Since the point of the exercise is to have fun and not to upset anyone (apart from the late unlamented Mary Whitehouse and her ilk) the sacrifice will be held early in the morning and attendance will be voluntary. This is necessary in any case as a practical matter since it takes one heck of a long time to roast a whole bull.

Gauguin Party Report

The Gauguin party was one of our most successful socials yet, particularly so since it was only organized on the spur of the moment.

In the end we had 60 party goers and at least one good time was had by everyone. The photo shoot the day before was an equally fun if somewhat chaotic affair. The original experimental protocol proved somewhat too complex so in the end it ended up being somewhat abreviated.

We are still working on analyzing the results of the survey but it does appear that yes people can tell from a photagraph alone that the photographer had fucked the model.

We plan to repeat the event next year with a bigger party.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Gauguin Party

It looks like we are set. We have a date, venue and host/hostess for both the experiment and the party. Five people have signed up before I have told anyone what they are.

The plan is to hold the party on a Friday and the party at the same venue the following Saturday. The exact date will be set once we have sorted out the models. Markus has been hard at work on this and has several promising lines of enquiry.

We can get a substantial discount if the photographers agree to allow the girls to use some of the pictures for promotion provided of course they do not identify the association and allow the photographer to decide whether they are identified or not.

Doing the two events back to back means that we can offer the girls a double booking for the photo shoot and the party which also appears to be attractive, particularly if we offer overnight accommodation. Since summer is comming up and people will be taking holidays we hope to fit this in within the next four weeks.

New Hegre Sites

Kasha Yellow Chair
Mona on a stool
Yanna Ballerina

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Proposed Protocol for Gauguin Experiment

Markus, Sextus and Flavia joined an executive conference call re the Gauguin experiment, also Julia who you won’t recognize as she was not present when we started planning Rome and didn’t get to choose a name (aren’t these codenames fun?). She will be providing a venue for one of the events and so becomes a member of the executive per the association rules. After some playing with the phone system I got the bridge running and we did a teleconference. In the future we will use that to do the planning for Rome and just post the results of the discussions here for others to comment (wasn’t that the original idea of this blog?).

After some discussion we decided to go ahead with the experiment with three (male) photographers, four (female) models and an extra male. While it was agreed it would be good to do a parallel run with female photographers we decided to put this off to a future date. As a practical matter we have several serious male photographers we have only got one female photographer who regularly attends photo sessions. This is going to be enough of a distraction from Rome as it is.

One caveat, we need to get this approved for human subjects research which may require changes to be made.

To keep this straight lets number the photographers P1, P2, P3, the models M0, M1, M2, M3 and the extra male Y. There is also an observer. Each photographer is assisted by two assistants, to help control variables these should be either all male, all female or each photographer should have one male and one female. Experience of previous photo sessions suggests all female is most likely to be practical.

At the beginning of the process the three photographers and four models are randomly assigned a number by the organizer; neither the models nor the photographers are told any of the number assignments. The only exception to this is M0 who is told she will not be required to model.

None of the models or photographers should have met any of the models before the experiment and none of the photographers and models should meet each other during the experiment except as specified by the protocol.

Each photographer has their own separate studio; these and the equipment and props provided should be as identical as possible. It might be an idea to use only artificial light to keep the conditions as constant as possible. The photographers are told about the equipment, room etc. in advance. At the start of the day the photographers have 1 hour to set up their equipment.

The day is divided up into 3 sessions of 2 hours each with an interval of an hour between each session. During the intervals the models meet the photographer they are going to be shooting with next.

Each photo shoot consists of two 45 minute takes with a break of 30 minutes.

Each photographer is allowed to use whatever props, shots etc. they choose but during the shoot they must take at least four shots of each model in essentially the same pose, two before the break and two after. It is the responsibility of one of the assistants to ensure that these are taken.

Each photographer shoots each model once. During the break the photographer and model will do one of three things:

C Chase (just rest)
F Fuck each other
X Fuck with the substitute (i.e. P? with M0, M? with Y)

The break actions are chosen by the organizer. The actions will be scheduled such that the following are true:

  • Each photographer will have at exactly one chaste (C) session.

  • The probability that the photographer fucked the model should be as near to 50% as possible.

  • There will be at least one pair of photographers and models such that each photographer had a fuck session with one model and a chaste one with the other

  • There will be at least one pair of photographers and models such that one photographer had a fuck session with one model and a chaste one with the other while the other photographer was chaste with the first and had a substitute for the second.

  • The photographers and models should not be able to predict their break activity in future sessions except to the extent that this is made inevitable by the fact that each has at least one C and one F session.

For example:

Session A: P1/M1-F P2/M2-F P3/M3-C
Session B: P1/M2-C P2/M3-F/X P3/M1-F
Session C: P1/M3-X P2/M1-C P3/M2-F

At the beginning of the experiment the observer randomly selects the order in which to hold the sessions and assigns P2/M3 to be either F or X with equal probability.

There are 9 combinations with 4 F’s, 3 C’s and 1X and 1 that is randomly chosen as either F or X making 4.5 Fs in total. The probability the photographer fucked the model is thus exactly 50%.

P1 is chaste with M2 and fucks M1; P2 is chaste with M1 and fucks with M2

P3 is chaste with M3 and fucks M2; P1 is chaste with M2 and substitutes with M3

Afterwards the reviewers are asked to view the portfolios of each photographer and indicate whether they believe that the photographer fucked the model or not on a five point scale Very sure he did – neutral – Very sure he didn’t. They are told that there is exactly 50% probability that this is the case.

The reviewers may be divided up into two groups, one of which is shown only the identical reference photographs from each session, the other of which is shown a portfolio consisting of shots chosen by the photographer.

Another way of dividing up the reviewers is to show one group only photographs taken after the break and to show the other group equal numbers of photographs taken both before and after the break and ask the reviewers to guess whether the photograph was taken before the break or not.

Some remaining concerns:

One issue that came up was that Y would attempt to persuade the organizer to choose P2/M3 to be X. In order to overcome this Y may fuck M0 for 30 minutes in the case that the random selection is F.

One question is whether the photographers and models are told the session type at the beginning of each session or only at the break time. One problem here is that it is impossible to prevent people predicting the session type based on their past sessions. Another issue is that if the groups are only told what the action is at the break there might be an expectation of sex at the C session thus making it less chaste.

Another issue is whether the models should be members or working girls recruited through the normal process. While it would be considerably cheaper to use members I don’t think it is a practical approach since it would be difficult to know whether the photographer had met a member at an event without asking and there would still be considerable room for error. The other disadvantage is that experiment requires the model pool to be as homogenous as possible which certainly does not describe our members.

Another concern here is that the photographers and/or models might try to signal the answer to the viewers by their reaction, either helping them get the answer right or trying to fool them. So to make sure that the effort is consistent in one direction and following the Gauguin spirit we want everyone to be trying their hardest to make the reviewers think they did fuck. So there should be a prize for the photographer and the model who get the most reviews that say they fucked whether or not the reviewer was right. There could also be a prize for the reviewers who get most right answers to help along the party spirit.


Costs are likely to be in the range £1,500-2,500, one way to spread the cost would be to do the photo review at a party and raise the contribution. The party would also have costs of its own of course but 20 people paying £75 extra into the pot covers £1,500 of the cost. The association can chip in £500 from the research budget and the photographers can chip in say £300 a piece which is a bargain for three photo sessions with three sexy models even without the fringe benefits. That gives us up to £2,900 and a profit of £400 to £1,400 which if it materializes can be distributed as a rebate to the party goers, bonuses to the models and a payment to the float fund.

We can play with the numbers a bit to see what we can do, remember though that even though we try to avoid unnecessary costs the association concept is economical, not cheap.
Of course if all the photographers and assistants etc. come to the party we have 12 people at the party before we have any reviewers. If we can get 20 reviewers we have 32 partygoers and we could make the party premium £50 which would be a total of £150 per ticket for the men, £100 for women. We have a venue in mind that will take up to 50 people without a problem.
First 30 members to sign up by email and pay their deposit within 3 days get a guaranteed place. Everyone else will go on the waiting list. The order in which the emails appear in the secretary’s party inbox will be the priority order, no excuses. The subject line for the party must be “GAUGUIN EVENT”. Applicants to be either a photographer should submit a proposal to the secretary. If there are more than three applicants they will be each asked to submit a portfolio of five photographs and a minimum of three different models. Photographers must organize their own assistants, a maximum of two per photographer. We are also looking for an event organizer, a party organizer and people to help out on both days.

Fourth Model

One other point that was raised is that M0 is going to expect to be fully paid even though she is only needed for two parties which seems somewhat wasteful. One possibility is that Y can have an all day recreational fucking and modeling session with M0. Another possibility is that if we have more photographers applying than we can handle there could be a group photography session going on that is not part of the experiment. If we charge for this as well the costs are spread even further.

Updated site look

I updated the site template, ditched the old proforma blogger style and put a link to Hegre's babe of the day at the top.

I know that the blogroll is notably short of hunks, if any of the girls wants to compile such I will add it in to the template when I get round to it.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Scientific protocol

OK so we need to do this thing using scientific method.

The first idea I had was to have a photographer and a girl and two photo sessions, they do the first photo session, fuck then do a second session. The photos are then shown to people who are asked to guess which ones come from which session.

This provides some controls, the main weakness is that the second shoot is likely to be more natural just as a result of it being a second shoot. So we really need a control of some sort. Also we only have one photographer and model involved.

There are two controls that might be used the first would be to have two photographers and two models, each photographer shoots both models, fucks one then does a second shoot with both models.

The second control would be to have a photographer who had not fucked either model. This raises other variables, the question we want to answer is whether the viewer can tell if the girl has been with the artist or not. If we are not careful we will be answering the question of whether a girl who has just been fucked looks different to one who has not or an artist who has fucked produces noticably different work. Interesting questions perhaps, but not the Gauguin question.

So the control for this variable would seem to be to have one photographer/model pair go with each other and a second photographer/model pair each go with a different party.

I can't quit make up my mind whether it would be better to try all three controls or just a subset. How many photo sessions could the models/photographers do in one day? Two is not a problem, four might be, six seems to be too many. Perhaps we need to do it over more than one day.


Hegre has a web site up, The New Nude. Hegre is unusual in that he produces work that is arty and explicit. He does not make the mistake of overproducing his work either, his models all look natural, not synthetic he does not airbrush them. His camera and lighting work are amazing.

Unlike the Penthouse art style which is pretty much 'come and fuck me' Hegre's style is more like 'that was fun, lets play for a while and do it again later.

That got me thinking about Guaguin who famously fucked his models. Is it possible to tell?

We should do a scientific experiment to find out.

Weekend hot tub party

There is a planning and hot tub party next Saturday at the obvious location i.e. the place that has the hot tub. Please call if you plan to attend.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Boing Boing: Pet costume: slave girl Princess Leia

Boing Boing: Pet costume: slave girl Princess Leia

Star Wars themed event anyone?

Thursday, May 19, 2005


The facilities team wants to keep the details of the venue secret until the event. But some people have said they need to have certain information for their groups.
  • English law applies
  • There are no other buildings that overlook any of the parts of the property we plan to use.
  • Noise should not be an issue
  • We have about 8 rooms available for our use (the building itself is larger but we have to store any stuff we move out of the rooms we use).
  • Decor and furnishings appropriate for the period will be achieved.

Report from the religious practices sub-committee

OK as a minimum here we need to have a temple shrine.

While browsing we discovered a template for domestic sacrifice.

The cult of bacchus feasted on a bull. So the proposal we have for the culinary comittee is that we roast a whole bull on a spit over an open fire. We can rent the necessary equipment.

Since this would take a whole day to cook through we would have to start this first thing in the morning. The vegetarians and people who don't want to take part could arrive after this part.

Is this going overboard?

Report from the costumes working group

We found a bunch of toga making instructions.

Basically the good news is that the Romans did not go into hugely complex clothes. The bad news is that if we want to have any degree of authenticity it is going to take a bit of work here. Also we have to pin down a date for the event that is precise enough to make the clothes the right length for the season.

We need to track down a source of unbleached woven linen or wool. Parts of this will then need to be dyed for specific characters.

The Senators get a purple edged toga for example, philosophers blue, theologians black.

The noblewomen wear a tunic covered with a stola.

Not sure at this stage what the courtesans wear,

The other slaves wear a simple tunic.

As far as accessories go it is possible to obtain some genuine pieces from Imperium Arts. This is mostly bronze or possibly silver. The matrons would wear gold jewelry which is probably prohibitively expensive.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Info on Brazilian Waxing

'Claudia' just sent me links to the articles she found on Brazilian Waxing that led her to try the 'new look' she demonstrated to such an appreciative reception from the boys.

OK since you asked, here are the articles:

Salon.com: Faster Pussycat, Wax! Wax!
iVilliage: A brazilian wax

Since we are planning to go for historical accuracy in 'Rome' I will just point out that the Romans used to go in for depilation. Men too! So maybe we can get the boys to visit... Oh and be sure to read the Priapeia I found when looking up the other links.

Contrary to what Z was putting about, I did NOT fly to Brazil just to have a wax. As you know very well I looked it up on the Web after I had already planned the trip to Rio. Since my plans included baking of bod on Ipanema I did not want to be either unfashionably modest or unfashionably furry. I stopped shaving a few weeks before to make sure the hair was long enough.

The concierge at the hotel recommended a salon and made an appointment for me, she told me she goes there herself. It was a bit more expensive than the 50p mentioned in the article but not by a whole lot.

In case you are wondering, yes it does hurt a heck of a lot. But it was one of those endorphin type things, getting the navel piercing hurt a lot more. Talking of which, yes I did take the ring out first, or it would have been like oowwwww.

Afterwards I went back to the hotel took a cool bath and slipped into the 'dental floss' bikini I had bought on the way back from the Salon. Slut that I am it was not very long before I was taking it off again.

The good news for gals is that guys all want to go down on you. And like the articles say you end up constantly thinking of sex. Just walking across the room you can feel how smooth you feel. It is much better than shaving.

It also led to some swinging action with a hot couple I met at the hotel pool. We started talking and the conversation naturally turned to my dental floss affair which in turn led to her going to the salon to 'surprise' her hubby. This turned out to be a bigger surprise than she planned.

Site reset

OK, as we discussed Saturday we will use this site to plan the July event.
  • Do not write a post or comment that could identify anyone.
  • Do not write a post or comment that reveals date, time or place of an event.
  • Do not write a post or comment that reveals this even after an event, it may compromise an alibi.
  • To post something email either Q or myself using our gmail accounts.
  • If you see anything here that should not be here send an email to my pager.

For those of you who were not there, you missed a seriously good time. We know that it is possible to set up private spaces on Blogger and that would attract less attention but we decided it was better to do it this way:

  • Deniability: If the site is private and someone comes across it in a browser log file somewhere it will be impossible to explain. If the site is public there is a better chance of getting away with an explanation.
  • Hassle: Maintaining and issuing passwords is a hassle I can do without, people forget them.
  • Complacency: Making the site 'private' is more likely to result in someone posting information that should not be there.
  • In vs. Out: this seemed the best compromise between people who are in and the outs who consider any attempt to conceal their lifestyle to compromise their integrity.

In the interests of clarity however we also decided to post a notice for folk who might come across the site and decide that they might want to join:

  • Membership is closed:
    We are not accepting any more members at present and are most unlikely to do so in the future.
  • Events are invitation only:
    Please do not ask.
  • We could not care less about your morality:
    We are just a bunch of people who happen to like consensual recreational group sex in interesting situations.

That said, non-members are free to comment on the blog provided they are not trolls or spammers. Just don't expect us to invite you along to anything.